New supply in Mexico to AS America Inc. - Lixil Group

New supply in Mexico to AS America Inc. - Lixil Group

Marcheluzzo Ceramics, located in Caldogno (Vicenza) manufactures and supplies  equipment and turn-key plants for the sanitary-ware industry for the refractory (rollers and blocks), insulators and heavy clay sectors.

The company has recently signed a new contract of supply with American Standard Mexico – Lixil Group, for one new air conditioning plant which follows the four previous ones (some already started-up and others in realization) for a total of 16 air treatment units and related duct distribution network.

Besides this, further twenty pre-dryers, some installed and others to be completed, were supplied.

Air conditioning plants

Air-conditioning systems ensure ideal thermo-hygrometric conditions in the sanitary-ware casting shops in case of traditional, spagless and high-pressure casting.

The air conditioning plants, based on Marcheluzzo Ceramics own technology, are equipped with multiple filtration stages to improve quality of both ambient and expelled air.

Antifog system

The new system called “anti-fog” installed in spagless casting shops is remarkable .

The area where the benches are installed is affected by a large amount of moisture that is generated by the air pressure in the molds at the time of the de-molding of the pieces which does indeed become troublesome.

The system, based on Marcheluzzo Ceramics technology, is specifically designed for each type of casting bench, both new and existing.


The pre-dryers allow to minimize the time normally required from the pieces de-molding to the entrance of the dryers, saving the space necessary for the pieces parking before the drying cycle.